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Dentist for orthodontics? OrthoDents


f.l.t.r. Floor ten Berge, Elvi Brouwer, Emmelotte de Bakker, Astrid Dungelmann
  • Emmelotte de Bakker

    Originally from Voorschoten, Emmelotte found her way back to this town again. After graduating from the VU (ACTA) in 2011 and working in a practice near Amsterdam, Emmelotte started at DeltaDents in the beginning of 2012. She is an enthusiastic dentist with passion for her work and has affinity with kids and patients dealing with anxiety for dental treatment. In 2014 and 2015 she followed the "Continuing Education Program for Comprehensive Dentistry" (CEPCD), a program to broaden her knowledge and skills. In February 2016 Emmelotte started an MBA Healthcare Management at the University of Amsterdam. The combination of working as a dentist and studying inspires her to work on improvement continuously.
  • Elvi Brouwer - dentist- specialized in implantology

    Zeer ervaren algemeen practicus met een geregistreerde specialisatie in de implantologie. Lid van de visitatiecommissie van de NVOI (nederlandse vereniging van orale implantologie) die de kwaliteit en registratie van implantologen controleert. Bedreven in de kleine chirurgie en tandvleescorrecties. In mei 2007 gestart met DeltaDents.
  • Astrid Dungelmann

    Graduated from the VU in Amsterdam in 1989, worked since in various practises, also abroad. Started the Voorschoten practise in 2007 together with Elvi Brouwer. Working as a family dentist with special interest in problems related to wear and tear.
  • Floor ten Berge

    Floor is a dentist with enthusiasm for her work. She worked since 2011 in various practices (region Leiderdorp) and as well as a teacher on the Dental school in Amsterdam. In 2015 she followed the "Continuing Education Program for Comprehensive Dentistry" (CEPCD), a program to broaden her knowledge and skills. She has affinity with patients dealing with problems related to wear and tear.

Dental specialist in endodontics

  • Glenn van Straalen

    After being a general practitioner for 20 years, a change was made for becoming a clinical instructor for ACTA (Dental institute of the universtiy of Amsterdam) and for attending a postgraduate program in endodontics, which was completed with a MSc.

Dental hygienists

f.l.t.r. Claudine Jansen, Marijke Kleijweg

Monique van der Voort
  • Claudine Jansen

    My name is Claudine Jansen and since October 2010 I’m working in this practice. I got my degree in 1996. Since then I’ve worked in different kind of practices: dental practices specialized in treatment for children and anxious patients and in a home where people lived with a disability. To stay informed in dentistry I follow arranged conferences and workshops and with some colleagues I discuss work related issues. In addition, I'm a member of The NVvP, NVvT and the KRM and join a complaints committee for independent dental hygienists.
  • Marijke Kleijweg

    Graduated in 1998 from de Hogeschool van Utrecht and has since worked in several general dentistry practices: in a practice for periodontology and in a practice for pedodontology. At the moment Marijke works in a Center for Special Care Dentistry and (since 2008) at DeltaDents.
  • Monique van der Voort

    Monique heeft in 1979 de studie mondhygiëne afgerond aan de Universiteit van Amsterdam. Sindsdien heeft ze gewerkt in diverse orthodontie praktijken om in 1995 als zelfstandige mondhygiëniste verder te gaan. Monique is als zelfstandige gevestigd binnen DeltaDents. Om een goede professionaliteit te kunnen garanderen, volgt ze regelmatig cursussen en congressen, die vernieuwende aspecten over haar vakgebied bijbrengen. Ook deelt ze ervaringen uit met collega’s via een Intercollegiale toetsingsgroep. Daarnaast is Monique aangesloten bij de Nederlandse Vereniging voor Mondhygiënisten, de Nederlandse Vereniging voor Parodontologie en ingeschreven in het Kwaliteitsregister Mondhygiënisten.

Team OrthoDents

f.l.t.r. Monique van der Voort (assistant), Francesca Pastorelli (ortho-dentist), Linda Bol (assistant)
  • Monique van der Voort - orthodontic assistant & dental hygienist

  • Francesca Pastorelli - ortho-dentist

    am Francesca Pastorelli. I received my M.D. in dentistry in 2004 from “La Sapienza” University of Rome, Italy. After my Degree in dentistry, I decided to deepen my knowledge in the field of orthodontics, and I attended an orthodontic course from October 2005 until October 2008 in La Spezia, Italy at the orthodontic clinic of Dr. Giuseppe Cozzani. I worked as a dentist and oath-dentist at several dental clinics throughout Europe. In 2011 I moved to The Netherlands and from november 2015 I'm happy to be working at Ortho- DeltaDents.

    Please follow this link for more information about the orthodontic practice on the ground floor of the building DeltaDents is located in: www.orthodents.nl
  • Linda Bol - orthodontic assistant

    My name is Linda. In 2009 I started working as a dental assistant. Since 2011 I'm a proud member of the DeltaDents team. I followed a course to become an orthodontic assistant in 2013. Working in the field of orthodontics suits me very well!

Dental assistants

f.l.t.r. Tuba, Linda, Wendy, Vivian, Priscilla, Loes, Roos
  • Wendy Koster - preventive dental assistant

    My name is Wendy Koster. I’ve been working at DeltaDents since 2009.
    Starting in the dental practice, I mostly assisted the dentist during patient treatments. I passed the course to become a preventive dental assistant a few years ago and I am thus qualified to carry out treatments as dental cleanings (scale and polish). My work is varied, which makes every day enjoyable.

    I look forward to seeing you soon!
  • Vivian Dohmen - preventive dental assistant

    Hi there,

    I am Vivian Dohmen and I am working now since 2010 as a dental assistant. Before working at DeltaDents, I have worked at 3 other dental practices, where I built up a lot of experience. I like my work a lot so I hope to be working here for a very long time. I hope that we can make your dental treatment at DeltaDents as comfortable as possible. Who knows we’ll see each other in the future at the practice.

    Regards, Vivian
  • Priscilla Vermolen - preventive dental assistant

    Hi, I am Priscilla Vermolen. I am working at DeltaDents since 2013. I have several years of experience at different practices. I really enjoy my work as assistent and I will start a course to become a preventive dental assistant in February 2015. We have a very nice team, I hope we'll see you soon.
  • Loes van der Linden - preventive dental assistant

    My name is Loes van der Linden. I work at DeltaDents since June 1, 2008. I started as an dental assistant and I got my diploma for preventive dental assistant in June 2009. Working with patients as a preventive dental assistant gives me great pleasure! You can also see me at the desk and in the treatment rooms at the dentists. The variety makes the work very enjoyable!
  • Roos Schaap - assistant

    My name is Roos and I'll be there for you at DeltaDents to answer your calls and schedule your appointment. Please don't hesitate to come to me with any question.