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Dentist for orthodontics? OrthoDents

As a dental colleague you can refer your patient to our practice for treatment by one of our specialists (to one of our dental hygienists or for endodontic, implant, orthodontic or a cosmetic treatment).

We will make sure that your patient will be clearly informed about the treatment plan, outcome and costs. The specialist will provide you a treatment report. After completing treatment your patient will be referred to you again for further dental care.

How to refer your patient

Your patient can register here for a consultation with one of the specialists. We emphasize the importance that your patient notifies us that he/she is referred for specialised treatment when we schedule an appointment!

This is very important in order to plan the appointment with the right specialist in order to save additional costs and treatments.

Please give your patient a referral letter or fill out our referral card (in Dutch referral card implantology, referral card endodontics, referral card orthodontics).

Of course you can reach us for question and/or consultation.